Ascent 235 – The Flatulence Documentary

fart-documentarySeriously! While perusing Amazon Prime for something lighthearted to watch, we came across Fart: A Documentary – The History and Humor of the Fart.

More curious than anything else, it was a hilarious analysis of that most unpopular of bodily functions. It is, of course, a completely natural phenomenon, a feature of the digestive system.

The movie explored the history of the activity and stated that the first recorded joke in history was about flatulence.


Although a natural function, there are of course, times when it’s unappreciated and doesn’t do well for one’s popularity. And there are times when it’s downright hilarious albeit I suspect that is more of a male trait. Children do tend to find it rather amusing also and are not the best ally if you happened to let one slip and are trying to downplay it.

The movie showcased Mr. Methane, an English … flatulist who actually makes a living entertaining audiences with his variety of derriere antics.


It was interesting to note the tolerance & acceptance in the various cultures, ranging from the indifference to certain death. (Seriously!).

If you are curious to gain some fresh perspective on this feature of our anatomy, check this movie out.


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