Ascent 223 – Relaxing in Connecticut

New York City is an amazing space yet it’s good to get out of the metro area once in a while and slow things down for a bit.

We were planning on visiting our friend Gizelle for a pool party on Sunday, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to escape and spend the night in a new location.

An ideal-sounding bed & breakfast was located in Middlebury, CT and the booking made. After some chores and business Saturday morning, we headed out of the concrete jungle into the quieter realm of Connecticut.

The Tucker Hill Inn is a quaint establishment on Tucker Hill Rd in Middlebury, CT. It was originally opened as a team room in 1923 and became one of the premier dining establishments in the region.

The house appears older as it was built per older designs.

The owners, Rich & Sue, are a delightful couple who were very keen to share about the house, the area and local attractions. Sue was actually ready to head for a local lake when we checked in and she allowed us to follow her there. Lake Quassapaug was a delightful spring fed lake with crystal clear water. We enjoyed some wading and sitting on the dock for a while, then headed back to find a place for dinner.

2016-08-20 18.35.47 HDRSue recommended Maggie McFly’s, so we headed in that direction. It too was a pleasant place and not too busy. We took a table outside and were amazed at the extensive variety on the menu.

After an amazing meal, we returned to the B&B and sat & visited with Sue & Rich in their living room for a while.

The room was wonderful. Decorated in country style with beautiful antiques, there was a great energy in the room and one of the most comfortable beds I’ve experienced in a while. It didn’t take long to drift off to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

We joined another couple for a pleasant breakfast with copious amounts of coffee before heading off to join our friends.

Learn more about the Tucker Inn at


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