Ascent 231 – Serendipity Day

When I saw what today was on the eclectic calendar, how could I not write about it. Serendipity Day. Such a beautiful name albeit technically every day is such.

2016-08-18 20.28.01

The creators of this day believe that serendipity is no accident at all, but an attitude or a lifestyle in which you are always reaching for those unexpected things and expecting happy surprises to occur.

JoyfulMy life journey is clearly in the flow of this concept. I am committed to being in the present, open to everything and attached to nothing. This doesn’t mean that we don’t get to take action. On the contrary, action is an essential component to the unfolding. It’s the inspired action or response to the serendipitous happenings that create & maintain the momentum of that which is enlightening and fulfilling for us.

I find the simplest way to live in this space is to start each day with gratitude and end each day with thanks.

What a beautiful way to journey.


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