Ascent 230 – Black Cat Appreciation Day

Today’s first was once again brought to us by that repertoire of eclectic events –

I have never observed or celebrated Black Cat Appreciation Day, mainly because I have never owned one.

We currently have one – an energetic little furball named Bella, so this post is about her also.

The day was established to help dispel the myths & prejudices that have surrounded black cats throughout the centuries. They have been viewed as witches familiars, good luck omens, bad luck omens and more.

I must admit that there is something mysterious about the black cat. Cats in general are fascinating creatures and I’m thinking that old energy around black cats may contribute to the aura we perceive around them today.

Bella isn’t overly affectionate – to me anyway. She doesn’t seem to like a lot of petting and prefers to rough house instead. She has tendencies more akin to a dog, like playing fetch. She will bring a foil ball on the bed and wait, staring at you until you pick it up and throw it for her. She then races after it and brings it back for another round.

She definitely has no fear and is keen to climb everything and wedge into every nook and cranny to see if she can actually fit. And, she loves chasing the laser around the room. The slight sound it makes when you pick it up is enough for her to start twitching and race off in which ever direction the red dot goes.

I appreciate this black cat.


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