Ascent 229 – The Solo Leader

LeaderEveryone has the opportunity to be a leader at some point of their journey. Whether as a parent, a coach, a professional, a mentor – some capacity where they have the responsibility of showing others the way or getting something accomplished.

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” William Shakespeare.

I’ve had the opportunity to lead in several capacities and I found myself pondering the meaning of leadership and some of it’s nuances.

Stand AloneThere are times when being a leader means you are walking alone, facing opposition and criticism from others. It becomes about staying true to yourself and staying on the path that you know to be right.

It’s not about being stubborn as that is more about defying conventional wisdom and what is actually most optimal to do. It’s about faith, trust and commitment. And being willing to endure the adverse opinions of others.

A key characteristic of a leader, in my opinion, is one who keeps their head when others are losing theirs. Which can add to their resentment as they detest the fact that you can remain cool and focused, not adding to the problem with negative un-serving energy.

When my technical team has a broken program and they’re studying it to identify the issue and get it back in service, being calm & collected will support & expedite that process. Berating them is not conducive to their focus and producing an effective solution.

I have had several experiences where I was not always liked for my approach to things but I was respected. Which is essentially a product of effective leadership.

I choose to stay true to my path and my beliefs. Whether others choose to follow is completely up to them.


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