Ascent 227 – Journey to the Cloud

CloudThe computing cloud that is. Microsoft Azure to be exact.

In my current sojourn as an IT Manager, I’m responsible for several server-based systems in two time zones. A decision was made to transition from the physical to the virtual and host the applications in the cloud environment.

There are a myriad of technical & logistical benefits of such a migration, with one of the most substantial being a single-hosted solution instead of 2 distinct physical environments.

Thankfully, I have a software team who takes care of all the actual work and my role is more coordinating, communicating and verifying.

Yesterday, I headed into the facility to upgrade the stations in the warehouse and prepare for the coming weeks work in the new environment. It’s been a steam couple of days in the northeast and it was interesting in the warehouse. Thankfully, I had opted to wear t-shirt & shorts as it was like being in a massive sauna for a couple of hours.

I couldn’t help but reflect on this technology transition and look for similarities with our spiritual journey. The most significant is the shift of our focus from the known to the unknown. From the seen to the unseen. To host your awareness in a new environment & platform that has significantly more resources than anything you could attain in the physical plane.

I’ll see you in the clouds.



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