Ascent 225 – Loving the Energy Space

It’s Friday evening and I’m feeling really good energy. I’m in the midst of some chaos and funky energy in the work space, plus have to deal daily with the kamikazes & zombies on the Cross Bronx Expressway.

I’ve been learning & practicing several energy clearing & protecting techniques recently to dissipate or transmute incoming toxic energies, release any stored un-serving energies and align more with the energies that support my greater good and higher purpose.

The way that I felt at the end of day Friday was a testament to this practice paying off. And that is the overall prize – to feel the way you want to feel and have the energy for that which is important to you.


Being reactive and impacted by the energy of others is not a pleasant space to be in. Sometimes, there is no other option than to get out of the situation and shake off any of the energy you may have absorbed.

The benefits of intuitive energy work are that you shift from being reactive to responsive, you are better able to choose your response – or not respond at all – as you are journeying at a higher level of awareness. Simply ceasing to identify with the chaos is a huge boost to free you energetically.

I’m so grateful to have learned the techniques to optimize my energy and am loving the opportunities to share them with you.


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