Ascent 224 – A New Koffee

2016-08-11 08.19.22Last few times I’ve driven down highway 17, through Housbruck Heights to East Rutherford NJ, I’ve noticed a sign by the side of the road with one compelling word: Koffee.

Today, I felt it was optimal for a first foray into this emporium. I parked my car and sat their for a few moments, taking in the exterior.

As I stepped through the door, I was instantly taken with how spacious and light the room was. There were coffee artifacts all over the place, plus that one particular aroma …

I took a few more pictures, then met the owner, Bruce. I explained I write a daily blog of firsts and wanted to feature his establishment. He waited while I took a couple of pics then asked what I wanted.

2016-08-11 08.19.36

There was a huge blackboard with the offerings. Instead of perusing, I just stated I wanted a large cup of a dark roast. He instantly said he’ll give me the Sumatra, which was one of his best coffees.

He reached up to an odd looking rack of cans on the wall and removed one, emptying it into a grinder. They have the coffee beans portioned out per cup!!!

He then transferred the ground gold to a hanging filter and proceeded to pour hot water over it. They also individually brew each cup!

After observing this wonderful ritual of hand crafting my cup of coffee, I stepped over to the register to pay. And, the price was reasonable also. Actually, a bargain for a coffee of this caliber.

2016-08-11 08.35.36I drove the last couple of miles to my office with my car now filled with the amazing aroma. When I arrived, I popped the lid off and inhaled the delicious scent. Then, it was time to taste … I gently raised this cup to my lips and slowly took that first sip. And, it was phenomenal. Truly a cup of coffee to savor and cherish.

Koffeewagon Roasters was a wonderful first that is sure to be a regular practice.


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