Ascent 219 – Universal Workshop Space

2015-06-01 15.54.52For today’s first, I had the opportunity to check out a new space for hosting workshops in West Babylon, NY.

It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a blast out into Long Island along the Northern Parkway and the Wantagh Parkway.

Fellow yogi & healer, Lisa Mondello, joined me for this exploration. We’re going to be collaborating on some unique classes & workshops, and the invitation to see this space was too good to pass up.

We met the facilitator Veronica and as soon as we stepped inside, embraced the energy of the space. It wasn’t a large room albeit had enough floor space for a yoga class or a workshop with 40 participants.

2016-08-06 13.16.51

The room was painted a soothing shade of blue, with a large gold Tree of Life on the wall and beautiful hardwood floors. A smaller room was accessible from the main room and could be used for a private space for Reiki / massage sessions, individual coaching / healing, and more.

2016-08-06 17.54.04

We sat with Veronica and discussed the history of the space, the vision and opportunities to collaborate and host various format of events there.

Lisa and I were both very impressed with Universal Workshop Center and look forward to sharing with you at an event there soon.

Learn more about the space at


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