Ascent 214 – Energetic Clearing

My awareness today was on the importance of clearing the various energies that are part of our physical & emotional being.

It is good to have a regular practice that focuses on bringing good energy into our bodies, minds and spirits. Yet, how often do we pay attention to the taking out of the energetic trash?

In the physical realm, you may be uber conscientious of the food and liquids that you ingest into your body. You will still have a regular cycle of elimination where waste is expelled from your body.

The same is true for your energetic systems also. In yoga, there are poses & sequences that are designed to support the drainage of the lymphatic system.

The chakras, the primary energy points of the body can become clogged and even closed if proper attention is not made on maintaining them.

Yoga also teaches about the emotional body which is often the origin of ailments that manifest in the physical body. We’re quick to respond to what we perceive as a need of the physical body yet how much effort is expended on ensuring the emotional body is in an optimal state?

I love the expression “The whole is the sum of the parts.” Have you ever found yourself frustrated because you’re doing all the right things to honor your body – nutrition, exercise, water, etc. – and still find yourself feeling drained and lethargic? Which then makes you feel a bit worse because you shouldn’t be feeling this way.

Energy Body

There are many ways that energy can get blocked in your awareness and your space. And, there are also many ways they can be cleared and released. A regular maintenance practice that dispels the un-serving energies is an essential component of a regimen that supports the ultimate fulfilling existence. And, I’m grateful to have a variety of tools, techniques and strategies to support this cleansing – which I love to share.


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