Ascent 213 – A Close Shave

For my first today, I came up with something that I have often contemplated and never done: A shave in a barber shop with a straight razor. A true first for me.

I called Ideal Barber shop in Glen Oaks NY, which is a short distance away from where I live. Prior to going, I called to see if they even did that anymore. A heavy Italian accent answered the phone and I had an inkling I had found the right place for my first shave. When I asked if they did that, he answered “Abasalutally!” Game on.

Sue wanted to get a little fresh air so agreed to come with me and offered to take some pictures.

I must admit, I was a little leery as I have long not been too keen to have a blade against my jugular.

As we entered, it was classic barbershop energy. I hadn’t been in one of those for a looooong time.

An Italian voice summoned me toward the back of the shop, introduced himself as Ralph and asked me what I wanted.

He was keen to do the shave and we were underway.

He started with putting some balm on my face, then wrapped my head with a hot moist towel. A minute later, the towel was removed, the shave foam applied and the razor opened.

I was pleasantly surprised with the feeling. The whole process was a series of short precise strokes, with Ralph stretching out my face to get into the nooks & crannies (Not that I have that many) and turning my head from side to side to go from my jugular to my carotid.

He was very thorough, his fingertips determining whether an area needed a little extra attention.

Then, the shaving was done and he applied some more balm. Another hot towel and then a liberal dousing of some aftershave.I was extremely impresses as I didn’t have a single nick.

I greatly enjoyed the experience and consider it the male equivalent of a mani-pedi. I’ll be doing this again.


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