Ascent 212 – Star Trek Into Darkness

The latest Star Trek movie, Beyond, is playing currently playing in theaters. After reading a stellar review (pun intended) by fellow journeyer & Trekkie, Cindy Lauderdale Moore, I was excited to see it.

Star TrekSuddenly, I realized … I hadn’t seen the second movie in the series: Into Darkness.

My geekness was in jeopardy! I needed to rectify this to maintain my status in the civilized star systems.

We have Amazon Prime and as Sue hadn’t seen the first movie, started from there. Last night, we watched Star Trek. This evening Into Darkness was targeted for viewing.

I love how the movie got straight into action and instantly engaged you in the quest. The twists and turns in the plot were enticing and had me constantly trying to figure out who was the good guy and who wasn’t.

It’s great seeing the relationship between Kirk and Spock evolving as they both continue to be frustrated with the perspectives of the other.

KahnBenedict Cumberbatch was awesome as the genetically-engineered super-villain, Kahn.

As always, the effects were phenomenal and the classic Star Trek plot of near certain destruction averted at the last minute by the ingenuity of Kirk and the team was played out here.

I love seeing Leonard Nimoy making appearances in these movies as he was my favorite from the earliest of the TV shows.

I totally loved this movie and am now excited to boldly go where I haven’t gone before and see Beyond.


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