Ascent 210 – The Leadership Journey Begins

2015-08-27 16.42.36I’ve been a part of Amy Scott Grant’s Ripple Magic program for a little while now. The concepts, techniques and philosophies being taught are simply phenomenal. I’ve studied a lot while on my spiritual path and I keep coming back to what Amy teaches. There are 3 reasons for this: 1. Her stuff works, 2. Her stuff sticks, 3. She rocks.

My journey has taken a quantum leap since I started this program and I’m keen to use the tools to contribute to making the planet a more fulfilled space. When I was invited to step up to the Leadership training, I jumped at the chance.

This involves more study and work, coupled with coaching sessions that will demonstrate my expertise with the concepts while evolving me further. The final test will come over a weekend in September.

Today, was the first session on this journey. A coaching session with Amy is an incredible experience and the clarity that she provides with her intuition is simply amazing. This initial session was to primarily set the stage for the next 6 weeks and to tune me in to what is going to be happening.

It’s going to be work and it’s going to be challenging yet it will be so worth it. I’m excited for the experience of this phase of the journey and getting credentialed to share the gifts with others.

This evening, I’m letting the energy settle from today’s exhilaration and meditating on what was shared. This journey is about to unfold in a whole new dimension.


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