Ascent 209 – The X-Men Moment


Copyright Marvel Comics

I love the Marvel movie franchise and the various superheroes they bring into our lives. The X-Men has long been a favorite with the various genetic mutations of the characters.

The mutations are varied and include telekinesis, healing, control over the elements, teleportation, transmogrificaton and more. Each mutant started out as an apparently normal human until some event, some extreme emotional trauma, triggered their mutation and they became aware of their powers.

Initially, it was terrifying and that was why Doctor Xavier created his school – to educate the young mutants in understanding their gifts and controlling them.

My son, Chris, shared that the X-Men stories are based upon the Civil Rights movement, with unique characters striving to be accepted in the ‘normal’ world.

The reason why these stories are so significant to me is that they depict what happens when we awaken to our true selves, and become aware of the capabilities we have, and the path that is ours to follow.

There is often a period of discomfort where something is happening and we don’t know what it is. Often we struggle and resist it, further adding to that discomfort as we strive to deny our emerging selves and stay in the small space of who we were.

Some choose to maintain that struggle while others surrender to it and allow the metamorphosis into who they were created to be, to fully embrace their gifts and use them to the benefit of the planet.

There will always be those who can’t relate to our emerging selves and will attempt to derail our evolution. They will succeed if we allow it. Some will not want to journey with us anymore. Others will adversely label us and judge us – which is purely their stuff.

I choose to accept my uniqueness and am fully committed to evolving my gifts to their maximum capacity and seeing where this rabbit hole can take me. A key part of journey is to work with a mentor who has already traveled this path. I then get to give back and mentor others who are ready to fully claim the space of who they truly are.

I won’t be doing the Adamantium treatments anytime soon.


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