Ascent 208 – All or Nothing Day

July 26th is, among other things, National All or Nothing Day. I wasn’t that this day existed until I was looking into options for my blog topic for today.

All or NothingThis really resonates with me as I’m an in it to win it kind of guy. I confess, in my past I have dabbled in some things and they weren’t really successful as my heart wasn’t in it and I wasn’t truly vested in the process.

That doesn’t make them a loss or a waste – they were actually valuable experiences as they showed me that which wasn’t really a fit for me, which gets me closer to that which is right.

It does apply to goals, projects and intentions. It can also be a daily philosophy where you simply make the commitment to give your all to whatever is present in your space in the moment.

My friend, Noelle Sterne, wrote a wonderful article title Bloom Where You’re Planted that describes putting your passion into what you have to do to allow your passion to be available for what you want to do. I read that a few years ago and it stuck with me. (I’ve since connected with Noelle and spoken to her a couple of times.)

I believe there are certain pursuits that you cannot do partially. Spirituality is a prime example as you can’t be partially spiritual. You’re either on the path or you’re not. Your level of commitment dictates whether you will attain what is possible on your journey. Why settle for less than what is possible.

I have learned to not get involved in ventures, opportunities or projects if I can’t be all in. And that feels great as you don’t spread yourself to thin and focus on that which serves you best.

So, what will you do? Will you go for All or Nothing? Remember – nature abhors a vacuum and will fill nothingness with something. Carpe Diem, baby


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