Ascent 207 – Shift Happens

Shift2I felt a disturbance in the Force today. Not that terrible one Obi-Wan felt when Alderaan was obliterated by the Death Star. A good disturbance, a feeling that something had shifted.

Any practice is going to produce a tangible result. Whether an exercise regimen, a nutritional plan, or a spiritual practice, there is going to be a time – multiples actually – when you recognize that you’re not in the space that you were.

We intrinsically know this albeit the process of shifting can be a gradual one and the daily advances can be imperceptible. As you continue your practice, keep pushing the envelope, strive to reach a little higher, you are going to achieve a state where you have a discernible difference. And what a great feeling that is.

Ascend 3My journey involves good people, great energy, clearing, releasing, learning, evolving and constantly choosing what feels right in the moment. I truly believe you are the product of the energies that you allow in your space, body, mind, heart and spirit influence who you show up as. I choose those that support me in being fully in my authentic space and challenge me to step into that Mark-shaped space that is mine to fill.

Today, I feel a clear shift. I have ascended some and am a little further along my chosen path. I’m searching for the words to define it and am finding it a little nebulous. I felt a great space of peace today and felt grounded and centered throughout the day and my space was not influenced by the presence – or absence – of anyone else’s energies.

I was engaged and focused today, which is a big thing as I’ve been feeling little scattered recently and was having a hard time getting my mojo on. I consider it a part of the metamorphosis, that phase where normal activities seem to subside and a funky period of limbo ensues. I’ve learned to relax into this space as I know it’s a growth phase and something phenomenal is going to manifest.

I love shifts such as this and am further inspired to keep going, striving, reaching and being open to whatever unfolds on my journey.

I hold the same space for you and look forward to hearing about your shifts.

Don’t fight it, Luke …


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