Ascent 204 – The One Day Workweek

HappyOfficeA first for me today to go into my office for just one day.

I’m a huge Fan of Tim Ferriss’ life-changing book The Four Hour Workweek and am embracing some of his principles to help free up time and energy for that which I desire to do.

I was actually on vacation for most of this week and was scheduled to come in to the office to be present for the initiation of a major software migration. I knew that I would spend the majority of my day getting processing emails, getting caught up and re-engaging with the plan and didn’t see any need for me to get dressed, do the commuting and spend time in relative isolation in my office.

My superior, however, thought otherwise and denied my request to work in my comfies.

It was actually an easy drive in today as many people are on vacation and the traffic is substantially lessened.

The day went as I predicted, wading through a week’s worth of emails and checking in with various peers to get back up to speed with the various projects, just in time to put it all on hold for the weekend.

Overall, it was a great day with just enough corporate activity to motivate me to amp up my study, writing, networking and coaching to move closer to exiting corporate and spending all my time doing what I love to do.


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