Ascent 203 – Good News, Please

2016-07-21 20.54.35Today on Facebook, I posted that we need a news channel that focuses on the good things that are happening on this planet.

I don’t watch any of the network news channels and avoid same on the radio in my car. Occasionally, it pounces on me when I go to the local station that shares on traffic issues.

Our social media feeds are getting cluttered with all kinds of stuff that is depressing and totally un-serving.

It is plain ridiculous how the entire country goes into a tailspin over something that is totally trivial and has zero tangible benefit to improving life on the planet.

This doesn’t mean I’m a Pollyanna, looking to avoid anything unpleasant. I know that we can’t have the light without the dark. I just choose to sleep while it’s dark and be active while it’s light.

It doesn’t mean either that the news should stop reporting about disasters and events that adversely impact humanity. I have a simple request that good, uplifting, empowering and positive news are shared also.

I want to hear about people’s accomplishments and breakthroughs. I want to see the videos of people making a profound difference in the lives of others. I desire to be made aware of the stories that define how wonderful and fulfilling life on this rock can truly be.

I believe there is substantially more positive news to report than there is negative. (Yes, I know that’s subjective).

I commit to doing my best to share the things that light my spirit, heart & mind, and continue to expand my circle with those who feel the same.


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