Ascent 202 – Guest Poster for Spiritual Freedom

My friend Tricia Dycka ( administers a great group on Facebook – Spiritual Freedom – where all kinds of enlightening and uplifting information is posted.

2016-07-20 18.26.10

2016-07-20 18.25.29Tricia invited me to be her Guest Poster today, sharing insights from my journey, what I’m up to and what I have to offer. I was, of course, honored and accepted the invitation.

I started out with an introduction of my journey, when I first woke up and the discovery of my passion and purpose – making a difference in people’s lives and empowering them to step into their greatness.

I shared several insights throughout the day on topics that I’ve experienced that have made a profound difference in my journey. Such as past lives, sacred contracts, vows of silence.

Certain aspects that are foundational to my current space were touched on also: The importance of having a mentor, trusting your journey, being fully present to the moment and knowing that all is unfolding perfectly.

The bulk of my sharing involved techniques and concepts I learned from my mentor, Amy Scott Grant, who I’m still learning from.

My coaching space and process was discussed, from the establishing of energy, setting intentions and the flow that supports clients in life-changing breakthroughs. It is truly empowering to share in such profound activities. I shared several coaching insights, especially around asking questions.

Overall, everything is energy and maintaining the optimal quantity of right energies and clearing the un-serving energies is crucial to ensuring your spiritual journey is allowing you to ascend rather than just keep your head above the energetic chaos. I touched on several of the techniques I’ve learned from Amy to identify & clear that which is impeding you. One thing I love about Amy’s techniques is that they are permanent. (If you would like to know more about Amy and her program, please message me.)

I wrote about a few aspects of my daily practice and concepts that have supported me in establishing & maintaining the space of peace & trust that serves me well today.

Please join Spiritual Freedom if you would like regular insights from great spirits and message me if you would like to hear more about what I offer and how I got here.


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