Ascent 201 – Remote Chess Challenge

ChessI’m experiencing a new first with my son, Chris. We’re both chess aficionados and have enjoyed many games together.

Over the weekend in upstate NY, I observed Chris playing a chess game on his phone app. I asked if he was playing against someone and he said that he wasn’t aware of an app or website that supported that.

I recalled looking at a while back and that it allowed you to play against others anywhere in the world.

2016-07-19 18.45.05I found that does have an app also and promptly downloaded it to my iPhone. Chris found the Android equivalent and installed it. We set up our accounts and established a player connection.

We didn’t revisit the chess during the remainder of the trip as we were enjoying being present and spending time together. There’s no app for that.

I had a little downtime today, so initiated a game with Chris and we appear to be going through a classic opening sequence. I’ll allow this pas de deux for a few more moves, then shred his defense with my ninja moves.

Overall, it will be a fun game regardless of the outcome.

If you’re up for a game, I’m on as Coach_Mark

2016-07-19 18.44.10

The plot unfolds


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