Ascent 200 – Expedition to Lake George

Last weekend was a first visit (for me) to the Lake George in upstate New York.

My son Christopher shared that he and his wife Christine were heading up to the Glen Falls area on the 16th – which was his birthday.

I had some vacation lined up albeit had to be back before Tuesday when Sue had a surgery, and looked into possibilities and options for a visit.

Sue has a high school friend who lives in Lake George – about 10 miles from Glen Falls, and a plan was formulated. Drive up Saturday and spend the time with Sue’s friend & husband, then spend Sunday with Chris and Christine.

We found a great deal at the Park Lane Inn, which was right on the water and had a high satisfaction rating.

After escaping the Bronx and crossing the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey, the traffic opened up and the drive instantly became pleasurable. It was good to get the Rogue out on the highway, enjoying my iTunes collection and exploring Syrius XM.

Lake George is a 32-mile long lake in the Adirondacks. We were located at the southernmost tip of it, close to the docks and the various amenities in walking distance.

After checking in and freshening up, we jumped back in the car to drive around the lake and join Sue’s friends, Linda and Mark for dinner. We enjoyed a delightful dinner at the off-the-beaten path Ridge Terrace restaurant.

Sunday morning, we rejoined Linda and Mark for breakfast at Cafe Vero, which was featured in yesterday’s blog.

Chris and Christine announced they were en route to join us so we all hopped back over to the hotel to join them. The kids were hungry, so we took them to Cafe Vero to feed them – and savor another cappuccino. (Love how that works). And then it was fun time in the pool. Afterwards, Christine’s aunt Angie joined us and we headed around the lake again for another feast. This time, at George’s which had the best salad bar I’ve experienced in a long time.

DSC_0789 (2)

We had intended to take advantage of one of the boat rides albeit missed the last sailing for the day. There were plenty of stores and sights in the area, so we opted to stroll and enjoy the local attractions instead.

It was a wonderful evening and although there was a large quantity of people, the energy felt pleasant with everyone being there for the same purpose.

Then, Monday arrived and we began preparations to return to the metropolis. I had picked up a couple of cups of coffee from a nearby bistro and we strolled down to the beach area to enjoy them by the water.

We had arranged to meet Chris & Christine for breakfast at the Silo, a wonderful rustic restaurant with some of the heartiest breakfasts I’ve experienced. I’m a big fan of a rib-sticker before a road trip and I wasn’t disappointed.

We enjoyed a couple more hours with the kids until the time came for us to exchange hugs and get on the road home.

It was a brief trip to Lake George this time and definitely a place that I will visit again.


One thought on “Ascent 200 – Expedition to Lake George

  1. I’ve never been there. A big coincidence that I was going to tell you today that I’m hoping to go for my next time out of town. Our online students have three weeks off during the holidays and since times away have generally been with Fred and he also relies on college breaks, I’m thinking of going in December …


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