Ascent 199 – The New Cappuccino Champ

A delayed writing of the blog for yesterday as I was focused on being present with the family.

I’ve been on a quest to determine the best cappuccino in the area. To date, Aunt Bella’s Italian Bistro in Douglaston, NY has held that honor.

2016-07-17 11.05.10-1During a weekend visit to Lake George in beautiful upstate New York, Sue and I were invited to go to breakfast at the Cafe Vero. We joined her high school friend Linda and her husband Mark at this wonderful temple of the coffee bean.

It was a large airy room with great ambiance and energy. As I took my seat, I was awed to see a coffee roaster the other side of a large window. These folks take their coffee seriously!

I normally do regular coffee at breakfast time albeit I had the inkling a new phase of my cappuccino journey was emerging. So, I ordered a cup of that.

After a seeming eternity, the cup of hallowed beverage was gently set down in front of me. It had a beautiful leaf design in the foam, tempting me to desecrate such artistry.2016-07-17 09.50.36

My nostrils quivered as the succulent aroma seduced them. Then, it was time for that first sacred sip.

I slowly raised the cup to my lips and, after one more intake of the intoxicating scent, imbibed this bold nectar.

My eyes were closed as I savored this first taste. It was simply phenomenal and the cappuccino crown goes to a new venue.

The food was wonderful also with the home fries being just the right amount of crispy to raise the satiety of this breakfast bonanza.

Overall, Cafe Vero was a wonderful experience and has a lofty place in my list of places to revisit.


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