Ascent 198 – Sojourn to Palisades

It was a gorgeous sunny day in NYC today and a perfect day for a drive. We fired up the Rogue and meandered our way along the Cross Bronx Expressway, enjoying an eclectic variety of music from my iTunes and Sirius XM.

The George Washington Bridge is like a portal to another dimension. It takes an eternity go to it via the Bronx and then, when you cross it (taking in the entire Manhattan skyline) and enter into New Jersey, the traffic just disappears and you’re driving at a normal rate again.

Today’s adventure was to check out the Palisades Parkway, a lovely piece of highway that travels from New Jersey into upstate New York along the banks of the Hudson river.

It was like a different world. The concrete jungle had vanished, there were trees and greenery with occasional glimpses of the Hudson.

We were both hungry and needed a pit stop, so we exited and found ourselves heading into an observation area with a delightful cafe.

We dodged between the sweaty hikers and ordered up a couple of platters, taking them outside to enjoy in the shade and simply observe what was happening around us.

It wasn’t very crowded albeit there was a steady flow of people to check out the views and walk the trails in the 90 degree sunshine.

After the meal, we stepped over to the observation area ourselves to take in the scenic beauty of the Hudson and enjoy the moment.

It was a wonderful little sanctuary, a short drive outside of the NYC metro area and will be visited again in the not too distant future for a little further exploration.


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