Ascent 197 – Getting Graphic

I love those inspirational memes that brighten social media with an inspiring quote and a breathtaking image.

This week, I received a phenomenal deal on a year subscription to download photos and clip art. Also, a half-off deal on the Camtasia software, which can create all kinds of video goodies, mind movies, presentations and so on.

For today, I opted to venture into the world of creating memes. I have a copy of the PaintShop Pro software somewhere in the mancave and will retrieve that in the not too distant future. This is simply amazing software with unlimited creative capabilities with images, overlays, collages, etc.

I did a google search on meme creation software and downloaded one that sounded like it fit the bill. It wouldn’t launch and my laptop promptly went into a Windows update cycle that had me waiting for about 20 minutes. When control returned, I promptly uninstalled and went to consult that most phenomenal oracle of worthwhile knowledge – my Facebook friends circle.

2016-07-15 17.06.21

I received a prompt response from fellow blogger and journey, Cindy Lauderdale Moore (, who recommended the WordSwag app. Which I promptly installed on my trusty iPhone 6.

I had downloaded a few pictures representing my theme for today and moved them over to Dropbox to save on my phone.

I opened up WordSwag and was instantly impressed with how user friendly it is. I created my first couple of memes in a few seconds and uploaded to Facebook and Instagram.

2016-07-15 15.30.05

Meme #1

2016-07-15 12.50.30

Meme 2

This first is going to become a regular practice as I participate in sharing inspiration with words & images.


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