Ascent 196 – That Sense of Direction

CompassToday, I was reminded to trust the process and keep moving in what I feel is the right direction.

It can get interesting at times as there may be parts of the journey that feel strange or unpleasant, causing reflection on the direction you’re heading in. And, that is a powerful thing to do as it may be optimal to change course. Other times, it’s an opportunity to trust the process and your guidance, knowing that you are heading in the right direction and that the experiences are simply part of the process to get to where you aspire to be.

It’s important to remember in each moment that you have a choice. Whether you keep going in the current direction – it’s all your choice. And, the beautiful part is that you can always choose again. And again.

I have a belief that your sense of direction is related to your awareness of your purpose in life. As you become aware of it, you may realize where a change in course is required to veer you toward that which you feel is right for you. That can shift as you continue to evolve into your purpose and your sense of direction may shift with it.

There will be times when life gets a little bumpy and some funkiness is encountered, making the path a tad uncertain. Your sense of direction is going to be your saving grace at times like this as you will intuitively know which direction to keep moving in. Even if you stop briefly, you’ll know which way to go when you resume motion.

A method I use to connect with my sense of direction is to get still & quiet, separating myself from any chaos and distraction. In that space I can simply ask if something is right for me, or if there is something that I need to shift. Often times, there is no adjustment needed and the only change necessary was to center my energy to allow my sense of direction to come back into focus.

I am grateful for these subtle and not-so-subtle reminders to allow my internal compass to guide me.


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