Ascent 195 – The Expiration Date

CalendarIt was brought to my attention that everything has an expiration date. Jobs, life, everything. On a certain date, something or someone is going to exit your journey, or a phase of your journey will conclude, creating space for what is next to unfold.

This is essentially the Buddhist concept of impermanence. Everything changes and to deny that fact is to cause yourself undue suffering.

Back to the expiration date … You wouldn’t buy product at the store that was past the expiration date. How long would you keep product in your fridge or pantry past the specified date?

These dates of course are visible and it’s a simple visual check and a prompt decision.

Other expiration dates are intangible and you must trust that you will know when that date is achieved.

The plus side is that, if something is still in your space, then the expiration date hasn’t been reached and you are freed from thinking about it. When you can trust that you will simply know when it is time, then you can relax in the present, enjoy what is there to be enjoyed and learn any lessons that are meant to be learned.

Even if something is not feeling too pleasurable or fulfilling right now, if you can feel intuitively that the expiration date has not been reached, you can shift your energy around it and make the most of wherever your journey is at present.

Freeing, isn’t it?


One thought on “Ascent 195 – The Expiration Date

  1. I’ve given up trying to figure out when an expiration date has approached. It’s a very interesting concept you bring up. I don’t think we can truly predict endings. What is outside of us is in many ways beyond our control, beyond our understanding, and in the realm of mystery. I generally find mysteries attractive.


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