Ascent 193 – Return to Camtasia

That sounds like a classic Disney movie, doesn’t it?

Actually, Camtasia is a rather slick video editing tool that does all kinds of nifty things. I used a trial version of it a few years ago and was instantly impressed.

2016-07-11 22.13.33

As my journey is bringing opportunities to share the message and video is one of the optimal formats to do so, I was definitely in the market for a software tool that does it all and does it well.

I’m on the AppSumo mailing list – a great resource with all kinds of deals on services, tools and products to support you in your business, websites, presentations, list building and more.

This morning, I was perusing my emails during my coffee ritual, right after my centering, gratitude, prayer and affirmations, and my attention was captured by an email titled The Last Camtasia Deal Ever.

I know … it’s like Publisher’s Clearing House saying this is your last ever mailing if you don’t respond within the next few days.

There are always deals on things yet I was drawn to explore this one. I was reminded of the power & capabilities of the Camtasia platform and the price point was definitely attractive. They say the Universe love speed, so I jumped online and ordered up a copy of it.

I’m excited to re-engage with this wonderful video creation software and will share some of my projects in the near future.

If creating videos will add value to your offerings, check out this deal before it’s gone. (Now I sound like an infomercial presenter – minus the comb-over and the cheap suit.)



Here’s the links …

Mac user? Click here to buy Camtasia Mac for only $49(reg $99).

Windows user? Click here to buy Camtasia Studio for only $149 (reg $299). 


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