Ascent 189 – Celebrating Chocolate Day

2016-07-07 21.24.05I choose to observe this delicious occasion for my first today.

I don’t really have a sweet tooth and rarely eat desserts or candies. One thing I do have a hard time resisting is chocolate. Not just any chocolate – dark and bold chocolate.

I had the blessing of growing up in England, home of Cadbury’s and Rose’s. Also, the Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Christmas in particular was a treat as we always had large quantities of chocolate goodies on hand plus our stockings were usually stuffed full of all kinds of goodies.

I lived in Germany for a year also, where they are purveyors of some phenomenal chocolates and put it to good use with such delights as Black Forest Gateaux.

My preference these days is the organic varieties that are a little more expense albeit are truly a treat. I do like my chocolate a tad bitter, which happens with the higher percentages of cocoa. There’s an interesting variety available here called chocolate bark the includes sea salt with the dark chocolate. It actually is an amazingly delectable combination.

As WC Fields said: I can resist anything except temptation. I thus don’t buy it too often as I will devour the bar in one sitting.

I’m amazed by the varieties of chocolate available these days. A friend of mine sent me a bacon flavored bar a little while back. Yes, bacon.

I did mark the occasion today with a few squares of Lindt Smooth Dark 70% Cocoa. I will sleep peacefully tonight.


2 thoughts on “Ascent 189 – Celebrating Chocolate Day

  1. I love and prefer dark chocolate….I have a couple small squares most evenings and must limit consumption due to caffiene sensitivity……I truly believe it is a mood enhancer!


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