Ascent 188 – Loving British Humour

When I went home last, my Dad turned me onto one of their fave British comedies – Black Books.

I wasn’t familiar with this show as it launched in 2000 and I was busy in the fast lane of life in the USA.

DylanBlack Books stars Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Tamsin Greig. It features a small bookshop, owned by Bernard Black (Moran) who is Irish, wacky, angry, drinks a lot, doesn’t like people and isn’t particularly fond of people. Fran (Greig) is Bernard’s friend & drinking companion, and seems to thrive on his inane behavior. Manny joins the mix as Bernard’s assistant in the shop and brings some apparent sanity to the environment.

The interactions between the trio and the antics of the individuals is where the magic and humor of the show is. With Bernard’s self-centeredness as the catalyst for the calamities the trio experience.

Black Books is captivating right from the first episode and has you cracking up at every scene – even if you don’t understand the dialogue the first time around.

If you’re in the mood for something different and are an afficianado of British quirkiness, give Black Books a whirl.


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