Ascent 187 – The Author Revisited

One of my passions is writing and it’s been rekindled with the commitment to write daily for my blog.

I do have a book that is close to being ready for publishing. I opted to take a hiatus from that project when I came to NYC a few years ago. It’s the same title as my radio show and FaceBook group – Her Unfolding Journey.

I love how the journey brings to you that which is most optimal for you, regardless of whether you think your ready.

Last week, I was invited to collaborate on not just one, but TWO book projects. It was clearly a sign that it’s time for me to get my author mojo going again.

The first invitation did not feel like it was a fit for this phase of my journey. The second I received from my friend Lore Raymond. I didn’t look at it over the weekend due to company and commitments.

This morning, I took some time to peruse it and, the more I read, the more the project connected with me. When something is right, you tend to just know it and the Universe loves prompt action. So, I promptly threw my hat in the ring and committed to crafting an insight for inclusion in the book.

My energy has been in a higher space today and I feel that is largely due to honoring my passion and taking a leap with it.

I’m looking forward to expressing my soul through my words.


2 thoughts on “Ascent 187 – The Author Revisited

  1. Hi Mark! I stand at the beginning of a career transition so this resonates with me. As a creative, I have no shortage of interests and ideas. I seek to define a single purpose and goal, a sweet spot…It’s challenging when you are leaving a job you loved for 40 years, stop and think about that!….Just stop doing what you love!…..I am ready for it, but maybe things needs to simmer on a back burner for a while with a hiatus and exposure to new people, places, things ……..Laws of attraction, IN ACTION….I am feeling my brain shifting gears, thanks for that Mark……Liz


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