Ascent 185 – BBQ in Bayside

Having participated in some Zumba and yoga classes at NNOWW Fitness in Little Neck, NY, we were invited to join their pool party & BBQ in Bayside.

It was a bit of an adventure as we only knew Marina, Betty and Nkem. But, that’s the spice of life, right?

It was a perfect day for an outside gathering. Not too hot, gentle breeze and the sun broken up by intermittent clouds.

The event was just getting under way when we arrived and the food wasn’t ready yet. Some appetizers were at hand, which we promptly took advantage of. We sat near a couple of ladies around our age and the socializing promptly began.

Folks started to trickle in and the energy and ambiance began to increase. The food arrived shortly thereafter and was a wonderful spread of several varieties of salads, grilled chicken and rice & beans.

2016-07-03 16.05.41

The food was delicious and second helpings were in order – which I rarely do these days.

True to party form, additional items were put on the grill – chicken kebabs and hot dogs, both of which were sampled also.

Nobody had taken advantage of the pool yet, so Sue, Leslie and I opted to be the first, presuming it would inspire others to take the plunge. The water was bloody cold albeit didn’t feel too bad after you were submerged in it for a little while. A couple of young ones promptly followed suit. None of the other adults felt the urge to get wet.

After a little while, I declared enough and exited the water bring my body temperature back to a normal operating level.

It was a wonderful group of people all enjoying the food, fun and fellowship. I made a new friend – a little lady by the name of Ivana who seemed fixated on playing with me.

As it got to be early evening, the sun disappeared and the wind picked up, making it a little on the chilly side. The party was still in full swing and it was time for us to say goodbye to the awesome people of NNOWW Fitness.

I look forward to seeing them again soon at my next Zumba class.


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