Ascent 183 – Mark The Half

Mark HalfToday is July 1st and it’s wonderful milestone of halfway thru 2016. And, for my first, it seemed appropriate to mark the occasion.

Inspired by fellow journeyer, Cindy Lauderdale Moore and LuAnn Cahn – author of I Dare Me, I committed this year to a daily first and to blog about it. I started January 1st and have blogged each day this year with today’s being the 183rd consecutive blog post.

I am a tad elated with this as it’s got my creative juices going again, has opened my eyes up to how rich my life already is and has inspired me to step outside my comfort zones, break routines and open up to new experiences.

My life is an unfolding journey in that I truly have no idea what will happen next and the only knowing I have is that it will all be perfect.

Time is, of course, relative and all any of us really have is right now – this moment. It’s the only space where anything worthwhile happens. I’m reiterating my commitment to ensure each moment of my journey is enjoyed and cherished to the maximum.

It’s inspiring to reflect on how this year has gone and exciting to raise the bar and see how much more exciting the second half of this year can get.

If you’re ready to amp up your journey, is there a better day to start than today?

And read LuAnn’s book …

2015-12-29 21.11.35


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