Ascent 182 – The Produce Observation

For my first today, I felt inspired to share on the curious activities of the general population when it comes to buying produce.

I do most of my grocery shopping at BJs Wholesale Club – a chain of get-everything-in-one-frenzied-stop stores in the NYC and NJ areas.

Buying in quantity does, of course have it’s advantages yet the ‘in your face’ convenience of all kinds of stuff can be difficult to resist. Thankfully, I’ve shed the urge to acquire things and just get that which has value to my immediate journey.

The store has an employee recognition board titled “BJ’s Wall of Fame”. I confess that I smirk each time I see it.

And now to the produce … the store always has an impressive array of fresh-ish fruits and vegetables available. I see some folks go up to the overflowing rack of bananas – all packaged in 3# bags and watch as they evaluate almost every bag until they find that bunch that seems to be their match made in heaven. I’ve seen them spend as much as 15 minutes sifting through what appears to me to be identical bags of bananas.

2016-06-30 22.43.40

This evening, I needed strawberries and I stood and watched as a lady had the entire section blocked with her cart and her body, picking up and looking at every single container of strawberries on the shelves. And not just the top – looking at the underside also. And here’s what gets me – when they realize the container they are holding is not up to their pinnacle of produce perfection, they toss it in the general direction from whence it came. Excuse me – that is someone’s food.

And the pattern continues with the bags of apples, oranges, limes, etc. Nobody wants to buy overripe or damaged produce but how perfect does it have to be?

I do a quick observation when I buy. With avocados, I do give them a gentle squeeze – with the sole purpose of ensuring they are sufficiently ripe to eat in my lifetime and not solid enough to play hockey with.

I think the next time I see someone spending a quantity of their time evaluating every package of whatever fauna, when they appear to have found the holy grail of produce, I’ll whip it out of their hands, toss it in my cart and run off. Thus relegating them to the horror of the second best bag of whatever.

Seriously, it’s just produce! Take the first one that is good enough and get on with your life.


One thought on “Ascent 182 – The Produce Observation

  1. This really cracked me up! I agree. But what bothers me more is seeing people stick their nasty hands in bags of cherries, grapes, etc and eating them. I don’t buy things that others have eaten from. Also, I think that people spend an inordinate amount of time at most sections. I do check my strawberries because if I don’t I’ll end up with a molding batch. The rest? I grab and go. I need my brain cells for more important things. 🙂


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