Ascent 181 – First No of One Hundred

One of my takeaways from the Power Up Philly event was the challenge to go for 100 “No’s” in 30 days. Essentially to invite people to take advantage of what you have to offer. It’s a powerful exercise as, in the process of collecting the “No’s”, you’re bound to have a decent quantity of “Yes’s”.

I see this as applicable to many aspects of the journey. It’s a given that if you don’t ask, you won’t receive. The powerful part is to not be attached to the outcome.

I’ve been contemplating that which I want to ask for, to get to my 100 – or more – as soon as possible.

Today, as I was meandering across the Bronx on my way to my office, I had my inspiration. There is purpose in my current employ and the time that the commute consumes. I typically use my time expanding my awareness with audiobooks, connecting with amazing people, listening to an eclectic variety of music and being silent. It’s summer time again and, although I love my new Rogue, have better things to do than sit in it on the highway. Plus, my recent accident shifted my desire to be on the road unnecessarily.

My inspiration was to make a formal request to my boss to work remotely 3 days per week. As soon as I arrived this morning, I crafted a concise eloquent email with my request and sent it. Within 3 minutes, I had a reply consisting of one word – No.

I had my first “No”! Woohoo!

It is a blessing as now that is off the table and it’s cleared the space for the next opportunities to present themselves.

Now, I’m contemplating what to ask to collect my next “No”. Ninety nine to go!


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