Ascent 180 – Rise and Shine

Having reconnected with what is important to me, the next step is to take action. If nothing changes, nothing changes – right?

I have a rather nuts schedule during the workweek that has my free time a little on the low side. (Temporarily). I believe there is a purpose to everything and I suspect the purpose in this is to give me some powerful lessons to use available time to the best possible advantage. And, of course, this is true of any resources, including money and energy.

That’s not a declaration of scarcity – it’s a lesson in valuing that which you have. Why should you receive more if you don’t respect what you have already?

I was inspired by a recent conversation with my coach friend, Jen Macquarrie, on shifting habits and getting up a little earlier in the day to focus on that which is important to you.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” ~ Jim Rohn

During the week, I get up around 5:20 to support my intention of getting a little time on my yoga mat and some meditation time, in addition to the usual morning preparations.

I wanted a bit more time for yoga & meditation, plus I wanted to invest a little time in my consulting & coaching. In order to do this, I needed to bring my alarm clock back a bit to 5:00am.

Today was my first day of implementation due to my getting home late from Power Up Philly Sunday evening.

There are opportunities to further tweak the activities to better suit my intentions. I absolutely must have that first cup of coffee as I do my prayer, gratitude, affirmations and connecting. My shower is a huge energy boost so doing that at the optimal place in the sequence would have a definite advantage.

Tomorrow, I’ll do my coffee & centering, yoga, meditation, food preparation, then hit the shower to get the energy spike to apply to the actions that feel most beneficial to me.

The interesting concept here is that these are all tweaks of activities I already do. Am looking forward to the difference in my results and energy. And further tweaking as I settle into my groove.


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