Ascent 179 – Keeping the Vibe Going

DSC_0562I’m still buzzing from the event over the weekend and all the high-vibrational energy of being in the space of such empowered spirits.

I’ve attended many events over the years and I’ve noticed how rapidly the ‘buzz’ can wear off after you return home, soon to be forgotten as you slip back into the daily grind.

I’m committed to not letting that happen to me anymore. I’ve invested time, energy and money, and I need some ROI. They delivered the goods – it’s what I do with the takeaway that makes the difference.

The key for me is to stay connected. To look at the photographs, re-read my notes, follow up with the other participants and take the actions I was inspired to take.

It’s an aspect of physics that the pressure on the outside can only have an impact when it exceeds the pressure on the inside. Thus, the way you maintain your mojo and keep the vibe where you want it is to keep your internal energy at a higher level than the energy & inertia of the routine that you’re aspiring to break free from.

I am clear on what I want and I choose that which supports me in evolving in that space. The people, energies, activities and surroundings – all that which is of that empowering vibration. And I’m fully willing to say goodbye to anything that is not conducive to said evolution.

This blog is named MarkAscends – and I’m cleared for flight.


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