Ascent 178 – Power up Philly

This weekend I had the honor & privilege to attend the Power up Philly event hosted by my friend and coaching mentor, Terri Levine.

I’ve seen posts about previous Power Up events and know first hand what it’s like to be at an event with Terri. When the opportunity was presented to attend this one, I jumped at the chance.

My friend and fellow yoga teacher/lightworker/worldchanger Lisa Mondello Morris seized the opportunity also, and we carpooled from Queens, NY to the Malvern, PA.


Terri had asked me to take photographs of the event, with emphasis on the energy and the interaction with the participants – a task I readily accepted.

She had selected the optimal space – BiZtract, which I wrote about in yesterday’s blog. You could feel the energy mounting as each participant arrived, got signed in, photographed and took their place in the room.

This was a small group of about 15 participants, which was a perfect size for deep connection and meaningful interaction.

The first day, the sessions were led by Steven Rowell and Terri Levine, who did an amazing job of describing the power of business consulting and how it can take coaching to an entire new dimension of possibilities. Coaching remains an effective tool in the repertoire and is supplemented with additional powerful tools and strategies to boost the difference and presence you can make.

We went through several powerful group exercises where we each got to define who we are, why we’re there, our passion, mission and our why. This information was then utilized to demonstrate how connections and positioning could be effectively applied.

The energy in the room remained at a high point throughout the day. Often, at such events, by mid-afternoon, you’re dragging and watching the clock. Not here. Terri did a phenomenal job of keeping everyone engaged and focused, and keen to remain past the scheduled end time for the day.

Terri’s partner, Pete Winiarski, joined us for the second session and added to the energy & perspective being shared.


There were several hands on interactions and on the spot coachings that provided huge breakthroughs and awareness for the entire group.

There was so much content & information packed into this event. My awareness & perspective have definitely shifted and I already planning on attending the next event in September.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, I recommend connecting with Terri Levine and attending a Power Up event. See you at the top.



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