Ascent 177 – The Coworking Space

This weekend I’m attending the Power up Philly event hosted by my coaching mentor, Terri Levine at BiZtract in Malvern, PA. As we have another day of the event tomorrow, I’ll blog about it when I get home to NYC.

My first experience today was to experience the BiZtract. It is a modern facility, hidden in the hills not too far from Philadelphia. When you walk in, there’s an instant amazing energy about the place.

Lots of open space, bright colors, glass-walled conference room, portable dry erase boards, work stations, meeting rooms, mirrors and some games.

Several of the walls in the main hall and the meeting rooms are a dry erase surface, which is a wonderful creative aspect. You can have a small team in a room, start defining the problem or opportunity in one corner and progress around the room to the solution.

The space was dynamic in that it could be rapidly configured to support the needs of the particular activity, whether the whole group, or if they split up into smaller work teams.

The conference area itself was a perfect space. Looking out onto the patio and the trees, I had windows running the full width of the room which maximized the natural light.

One full wall was dry erase which provided a huge area to capture whatever creativity was spawned in the meeting.

The BiZtract space was founded by Nick and Jason Porrini in September 2015 and our facility host today was Steven Rowell.

It was simply one of the most amazing event and co-creative spaces that I have attended and I look forward to sharing energy in it again tomorrow.


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