Ascent 174 – Shooting a Video I CAN Use

Two days ago I attempted to capture a portion of my morning drive on the Cross Island Parkway in New York, and the Bayside Marina.

The video shoot went well albeit I had omitted to stop the audio I was listening to and it was audible in the recording. Sooo … I couldn’t share that video.

Undaunted, I opted to do a retake. Yesterday was not a good day as it was overcast and I wanted to capture the essence of this stretch of highway in the gorgeous summer sun.

This morning presented the perfect opportunity, with no clouds in the sky.

I positioned the iPhone in the windshield mount and opened up the camera app, putting it in video mode. I wanted to get all the preparation done before I started driving, so as to be safe and just capture the footage of the trees, water and the boats.

I exited out of the neighborhood and took Little Neck Parkway briefly to the Grand Central Parkway, which was instantly 3 lanes of crawling traffic. This then leads to the Cross Island Parkway, which allows access to either the Throgs Neck or Whitestone bridges to enter the Bronx on I-95. This is named the Cross Bronx Expressway and is one of the most inappropriately-named highways in the country. It takes me over an hour to traverse the 4.7 miles between the Throgs Neck and George Washington bridges.

The Cross Island is the next artery of 3 solid lanes of slow-moving traffic. It is a beautiful sunny day and I’m in my usual space. One must be vigilant on these roads, as the default NY mentality is to get ahead and they aren’t too concerned with how they do it. For me, driving is defense not offense, so I tend to let them do their thing.

After we pass a certain exit/entrance, the traffic starts to move and I pick up speed as I head toward the marina. I activate my phone, confirm the camera is still ready in video mode and is angled appropriately.

Then, it’s time! I press start and let the recording begin as I enjoy the view. I opted to add a little narrative to it and had fun illustrating the video with a little context of my drive.

As I passed the marina, I stopped the recording and continued the rest of my drive over the bridges, across the Bronx, into New Jersey and to my destination.

Enjoy this little slice of my life.


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