Ascent 172 – Shooting a Video I Can’t Use

I had fun with the first today. I have a windshield mount for my iPhone and I often place the phone there when I drive.

My morning commute takes me along the Cross Island Parkway towards the bridge that joins Queens to the Bronx. I love going past the Bayside Marina – especially now all the boats are back.

bayside marina

Today, I thought it would be fun to shoot a short video of that portion of my drive, to share on Facebook.

The camera was mounted in the holder. The video app was open and ready, just waiting for me to hit ‘start’. (Having recently been in a wreck, I’m being extremely cautious).

As I came into the area, I got into the right lane and hit record at the moment where the marina came into view. It’s a long sweeping curve and I captured about 60 seconds of the gorgeous scenery, the sunshine, the boats, the joggers, etc.

I continued my commute and after I had arrived at my destination, played back the video before I posted it on my wall.

I was loving the replay … and then I heard the voices from the audio course that I was listening to today! At first I was a tad bummed, but then I started cracking up over it.

I will be passing by there on a few more gorgeous mornings and will remember to mute my audios before I start recording. I may actually narrate a little, in my best Benedict Cumberbatch.


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