Ascent 170 – Yoga For Sobriety Workshop

2016-06-18 18.12.59I visited my ashram today to participate in a workshop hosted by my friend and fellow yoga teacher, Lisa Mondello.

The theme of today’s workshop was: Introduction to Yoga For Sobriety. The audience was a mix of 500-hour students and a couple of 200-hour teachers, including moi.

This topic is very near and dear to my heart as I’ve experienced the damage addiction & alcoholism can do to individuals and families.

Yoga is all about breath work & postures that emphasize the chakras and the flows of energy in and out of the body.

The 12 step programs are a progressive series of steps that are a process of recovering and right living that has saved countless lives and got many people out of hell and into fulfilling, productive lives.

2016-06-18 18.12.29

Lisa is a phenomenal teacher who did a wonderful job of walking us through each step, the chakra they pertained to, and the attributes of each. The poses that supported the chakra were discussed and we got some time on the mat, practicing the poses as we said aloud the affirmation that went with each inhale and exhale. I found this to be a very energizing process and gave a new twist to my practice.

After lunch, we had a 2 hour session with Mokshapriya, where she explored karma yoga. It was an enlightening session and was a great accompaniment to the workshop.

After that, we returned to the main hall where we went through the remaining steps & chakras to complete the training.

I see immense value in this process and am keen to learn more to assist in supporting those in recovery in having the most fulfilling lives possible.

Learn more about Lisa and her offerings at: Empowering Wellness Solutions


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