Ascent 169 – Keep to Myself Day

2016-05-24 21.23.02Today was an interesting day energetically. I am a social creature and thrive on interacting with positive people and sharing energy.

After I headed for work, interaction didn’t seem to happen. Granted we are at work and have stuff to do albeit there is occasionally some form of connecting and banter.

Today, that didn’t happen and I found myself pondering what the cause may be and, of course, what was going on with them.

The reality actually was that I was meant to journey solo for a while and not have anyone else’s energy in my field.

Perhaps there is something the Universe is trying to bring to my awareness that requires my presence for the message to get through? Or maybe it was an essential restful period of solitude – like a cleanse – to allow any un-serving energies to cycle out.

As I reflect on it, I did feel a little wound up today and my energy may not have been the best for interaction, necessitating a little downtime to just be me in my own space.

I did my Tarot card pull, my breathing and did several of the Take 5 timeouts, stepping out into the beautiful sunshine to absorb that energy. Also, utilizing some grounding techniques I was recently trained in.

Don’t you love how we always seem to get handed exactly what we need? Sometimes in a subtle way, others a bit more forceful.

Loving the journey.


One thought on “Ascent 169 – Keep to Myself Day

  1. It’s interesting how aware you are of these things. There are many days that the day passes and I feel like there’s too much noise around me. I’m very sensitive to the energy around me and I have focus problems. I’m glad I’m not alone in these awarenesses. Thanks for the share.


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