Ascent 168 – Staying in Center


The result of any activity that you do consistently over a period of time is you achieve mastery and you become conditioned.

I found this to be true when I committed my journey to being peaceful over 20 years ago. Some may seem that it’s not very exciting albeit I think the opposite is true. You may not have the peaks and valleys of a chaotic existence yet you are more fully able to enjoy every experience that comes your way.

Your space of peace is your center. That wonderful zone where you’re just not disturbed by anything. Once you have got to know it, you can return there at will and, if knocked out of it by an unforeseen circumstance you are able to return to it quickly.

I actually had an experience that did just that to me. I got caught up in some unpleasant hostile energies that were directed at me. I managed to get out of there without really jeopardizing my space then needed get back to my center quickly.

I was reminded of the power of grounding to be able to accomplish that. Essentially, when you are agitated or feel a disturbance in the force, check to see how grounded you feel. If you don’t, take a time out to get grounded and notice how quickly you return to that peace and serenity. Also, that you did not actually fix anything – you just disentangled your energy from it and reconnected it to that firm foundation everything worthwhile is built upon.

I do choose to see the positive in everything and today’s experience further corroborated I’m on the right path shift my journey into a calmer energy with less time commitment.

Thus, how can I not be grateful? Loving this journey.


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