Ascent 167 – Fire At Starbucks

StarbucksAn unusual first today. I took off on a food and coffee run with a fellow member of the Executive Team.

He introduced me to the delightful Annabella’s Italian Deli for a sandwich, then suggested we stop by Starbucks. His treat as I was driving.

I’ve not been known to turn down a cup of coffee, so I put the Rogue on autopilot to take us to the closest Starbucks.

Being the rebel that I am, I parked in the adjacent Popeye’s Chicken parking area, despite the stern warning it’s for the fried chicken clan only and ominous threats of being towed at my expense.

We entered the hallowed halls of caffeination and I requested a small cappuccino. (Or whatever the appropriate Starbucks size term is). My order came up promptly and we had to wait a bit for his. I saw a police cruiser come into the parking lot with lights blazing. Wow! I didn’t think Popeye’s were THAT gung-ho.

Then a paramedic truck arrived, then the fire chief all with lights blazing. I told my friend I would meet him by the car – just to ensure they weren’t there to tow me for defying the sign.

A fire engine arrived next and parked on the street. Quite a production for one cup of cappuccino.

Chevy finally came out and as he got in the car, he told me what the ruckus was about: A shrub in the drive thru lane had caught fire. Really! You have to call 911 and disrupt the first responders because a small bush is burning? Good thing Moses didn’t do that right?

Maybe the Fire Department were happy for a little excitement in the not so sprawling metropolis of East Rutherford?

It will remain one of life’s unsolved mysteries. I had my cappuccino, so there was peace in my journey.


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