Ascent 166 – Pumping Gas in my Bathrobe

I was talking with my daughter Heather on the way home this evening and was reminded of a fun event, back home in Indiana.

I had a blue bathrobe from Marks & Spencer in England, that my Mum and Dad had sent me. It was an uber comfy piece of attire and I simply loved wearing it. I would even slip it on over regular clothes, when I felt a little chilly.

Love this weather

One day, I needed to get some gas and decided to nip around the corner to the gas station outside the community. It was a short trip, so the effort to shed the bathrobe was deemed unnecessary.

I hopped into the car, traveled the short distance to BP and commenced fueling the car. I see a car passing by and recognize my daughter Jennifer in it. So I did what every good Dad pumping gas in his bathrobe does – I waved profusely.

A little later that evening Jennifer returned home and had a big-eyed look as she asked me what I was doing. “Pumping gas” I replied. She told me that her friend was driving and spotted me and said something like “Look at that nut job at the gas station in his robe!”. Jennifer looked up, started cracking up and then stopped when she realized it was me and was instantly embarrassed.

Ahhh – those fond family memories.


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