Ascent 165 – Death Wish Coffee

It’s not a secret that I’m a coffee lover. I like my coffee black, bold and strong – and frequently.

When a new coffee comes onto my radar, I have to try it.

Today, I had the opportunity to sample an extreme coffee that I’ve been aware of for a little while: Death Wish Coffee. The name alone does sound rather ominous. It’s billed as the world’s strongest coffee.

A friend of mine shared that she was going to be placing an order and asked if myself and another guy wanted in. Being the caffeination devotees we both are, we jumped at the chance.

I went for the bundle – a package of Death Wish Coffee (ground) and a smaller package of Valhalla Java. The latter being less potent than the DW albeit still capable of delivering a powerful punch.

2016-06-13 13.49.05

This may sound a little masochistic. It’s actually a quest to find the strongest coffee I can handle. Like when I was in Miami I had to try the local “Jet Fuel” Cuban coffee.

I’ve been quite content recently with my Organic Peruvian. Great flavor, dark roast and always a satisfying cup.

Today, the Darth Vader of coffees showed up at the office. My order sat there on my desk, daring me to pop it open and brew some life into it. My fellow coffee junkie had a regular coffee maker and he offered to do the deed. He had ordered the beans, so my stash got cracked open for the group to have that first experience of this awesome brew.

Having used a Keurig for a few years, I’d forgotten how long a drip coffee maker can take. I’m known to be a rather patient dude – except when I’m waiting on coffee.

Finally the drips stopped, and the black liquid sat there in the glass pot, daring us to take some in our cup. Undaunted, I poured a healthy slug into our mugs and we all retreated to our space to savor this first experience.

The aroma was intense. I am partial to the smell of brewing coffee, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint.

And then, it was time for that first taste. My smiley mug didn’t seem to be smiling as much in that moment. I slowly brought the mug up to my lips and took that first long sip. It was indeed strong and definitely bold. It did have a bit of a bitter taste to it, which I actually like. A little brown sugar may help take the edge of it.

My head didn’t spin around, my eyeballs remained in their sockets and I didn’t wind up on the ceiling. It was indeed a powerful cup of coffee and definitely one that I will enjoy ongoing. One cup at a time.

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If you dare …


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