Ascent 164 – Reflection on Connection

OrlandoMy heart goes out to the casualties of the Orlando tragedy and to their families. Like most, I was shocked at the news and simply could not fathom the rationale behind such a heinous act.

What impressed me the most was the outpouring of love and light from the amazing spirits that are my community – my tribe.

I don’t have many words coming forth tonight and I was inspired to do some reflection on the amazing connections that I have made and continue to make.

Just this week, I have established connection with three beautiful spirits who are on a similar journey and share the passion for making this world a brighter space. I have also reconnected with a couple of folks I’ve known for a while that I haven’t interacted with recently.

Regardless of what happens in this world, I choose love, I choose peace and I choose to stay true to who I am. Love will prevail.



2 thoughts on “Ascent 164 – Reflection on Connection

  1. I learn about these stories on Facebook as I don’t have TV hooked up. The media has set out to demonstrate how liberals are getting attacked.

    Of course I’m sorry that these horrors are happening but I’m also holding a candle in my heart that we keep our hope.



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