Ascent 163 – 11:11 Magazine

2016-06-11 19.05.41Over the last several years, there has been one magazine that has been a constant source of inspiration to me – 11:11. Published by my friend, Simran Singh, it’s a wonderful collection of contributed articles and Simran’s own profound insights.

I used to be a bit of a pack rat also, retaining copies of magazines I subscribed to. I have long since purged those collections, except for my print copies of 11:11. The magazine switched to an electronic format and I still have all those digital copies also.

I love the feel, the energy, the articles and the Q&A interviews. Not every article resonated with me albeit the majority did. And, there was always that one that was the most perfect thing for me to bring into my awareness at that moment in time.

I have made some great connections and friendships from the magazine. Once, I was on a flight to Charlotte to see my son who had been in a car accident. The issue of 11:11 had an amazing story about a family in South Africa who lost their daughter and practiced an amazing level of forgiveness. This touched me, as I have close friends in that region. Interestingly, I had read that magazine on a prior flight, picked it up and opened it where the boarding pass was, to that article.

I didn’t think about it for a while as I visited with my son and made sure he was okay. Next day, I was at Charlotte airport and struck up a conversation with a Delta stewardess. As we were chatting, she shared she had just got off a 16-hour flight from Johannesburg, South Africa!

As we boarded, we parted company. Few minutes later, she was seated across the aisle from me and we continued our conversation. We remain friends to this day.

I haven’t made it to South Africa yet albeit intend to in the not too distant future.

This epitomizes the energy and synergy that Simran creates with this amazing publication. She further extends that into her amazing books.

11:11 continues to be a valuable part of my journey and my inspiration.

Learn more here:


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