Ascent 162 – My First Musical Love

2016-06-10 21.10.41I don’t describe myself as a huge fan of musicals albeit there are a couple that have really captured my heart. I wrote about my #1 favorite recently – The Phantom of the Opera.

There is a musical that has been my other favorite for a long time: Jesus Christ Superstar.

I first saw it on the stage at a theater in Leicester Square in London when I was in my teens, on a school field trip. The music really resonated with me then and I had no idea that it would stick with me for so long.

There have been a few movie versions and the one I love the most is the 1973 version with Ted Neeley. Filmed in the Holy Land, the dancing, cinematography and music are simply breathtaking. I am surprised my DVD is still playable as I must have watched it over 100 times. Yvonne Elliman’s rendition of I Don’t Know How to Love Him is one of my most favorite songs.

I got to see it on stage again at Butler University in Indianapolis. Sebastian Bach of Skid Row played Jesus and he could certainly scream, jolting the audience at several times during the performance.

I’m writing about it tonight as I have just watched it again and I felt it would be awesome to share my thoughts and feelings about it. I consider myself more spiritual than religious and I just love this movie.

And now I’ll have the songs stuck in my head for the next few days.


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