Ascent 160 – Sharing My Daily Readers

I’m open to inspiration of all forms and love how it tends to just show up serendipitously. I do also make it a habit to seek it on a daily basis and love daily readers that give me a guaranteed dose of inspiration, energy, direction and passion.

There are 5 wonderful sources that I read every day. 2 are blogs, 1 an email and 2 are paperbacks.

First is the wonderful daily blog my by friend Cindy Lauderdale Moore: Cindy shares from her heart of a daily experience or insight from her journey. Cindy started blogging daily January 1, 2014 and is the inspiration for my daily blogging.

Next is the blog of my friend Maureen Beck Campbell – the Daily Mo – which is found at Maureen has an amazingly fresh perspective on things that can impede us and wonderful insights on moving beyond them. Mo inspired me to connect with her and explore opportunities to combine our talents on providing some unique coaching & education.

In email, I love TUT’s Notes From the Universe. It’s a short yet powerful insight that always uplifts and raises the awareness. I’ve been receiving this for over 10 years and it’s just as fresh today as it was back when.


First of the books I love is: Meditations From the Mat by Rolf Gates. It’s a wonderful daily infusion of yoga principles, spirituality, scripture, literature and the author’s own musings. Each article is preceded an appropriate quote. It primarily follows the 8 limbs of yoga and provides great detail in an empowering engaging way.



Second is Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People by Steven Covey. This book has a pages that are dated for each day of the year. It’s a series of excerpts from the landmark book – The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. I love how each reading is a succinct nugget of exactly what you needed to hear that day, varying from 1 line to a full page. It’s a wonderful way to disseminate the wisdom of the book in a format that is impactful and memorable.


I do tend to keep my overall reading to just that which feels most beneficial to me in the moment and I find that the daily readers provide that perfect concise dose of energy bring my vibration into it’s optimal state.


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